Not a lot of the guys were able to come, but we still pulled it off.

The camping to Mount Oliweg in Nueva Vizcaya was a different experience from the last one which was Mount Pulag. In Oliweg, it was a far more relaxing getaway. The jump off point was Bambang in Nueva Vizcaya and from there it took as an hour of non stop uphill driving. Good thing more than half of the way was partly cemented road. However, there’s a significant portion of dirt road you will encounter. The uphill climb is not recommended during the rainy season as the dirt road could become a mud slide and it is going to be dangerous. Last weekend’s trip, though, was perfect.

Check out the vid here.

Mount Oliweg is perfect for that weekend outdoor getaway for those who want a more laidback camping without trekking and hiking. Your 4X4s can easily reach the top which is already the camp site. We brought in our SUV and pick up and we didn’t encounter any problem. Mount Oliweg is best for camping and picnics. If you got kids, they will surely enjoy the experience. It’s perfect for socials in the outdoors and sight seeing. A great adventure without the need to train for long hours of unforgiving trekking.

Our good friend, Chris Sinfuego, who is also part of Mountains Call ( and NCL Mountaineers, introduced us to this mountain which he has discovered many years ago. Thank you, Chris for showing us Mount Oliweg.


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