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Welcome Note


Namaste to our fellow hikers, mountaineers, and outdoorsmen/women. I welcome you to our site.


People often ask me why I always come back to the mountains. The answer is simple. It is because of love and passion. I love the Cordillera mountain ranges. Every time I set foot on it, it feels like I am on sacred lands and for me, it really is sacred.


I have been in love with the mountains for the past 11 years and I have set foot on almost every popular and unpopular trails in the Cordilleras. I have served as president and active member for the UP Baguio Mountaineers. My last major climb was in 2010 and since I have been with the corporate sector, I have failed myself in terms of what I truly love.


A situation that changed me was meeting outdoorsmen in my corporate world. this made me realize that it is still possible to do the things I truly love. We just need some people to bring out the hiker in us. To all our brothers and sisters who were once hikers and mountaineers, this site will teach you on how to get back up and go to the mountains once again. This is how we get to relive our camaraderie, passion, love, and most of all, the self-fulfillment that we experience every time we set foot to the summit.


We must always remember that “job fills our pocket but adventure fills our soul.”

Paolo Pattawi

President and Cofounder

NCL Mountaineers